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Our Company

Panjaphon Caster Company Limited is a manufacturer in the plastics industry founded by Mr. Jiravoot Fuangaksorn in 1997 under Penny Trading. For more than 24 years, Panjaphon Caster has been focusing on products related to all types of plastic castors. Panjaphon Caster has trade off with numerous customers in overseas as well as supplied many furniture manufactures in the country. Panjaphon Caster, We focused on quality products, beautiful appearance at reasonable price to meet customer needs Including the best interests of all partners. 


Why Choose Us

Panjaphon Caster Co., Ltd. has a unique and strong point of product variety. In addition, our casters has good quality and good appearance with competitive prices. We focus on quality raw materials with wide range of options such as PA, PP Copo, PP, ABS, Nylon 6 and Nylon 66.


Our Products

 Our company's philosophy is to control caster production to maintain quality and provide business solution to our furniture industry companies especially wooden furniture, steel, plastic and office chairs for offices. Panjaphon Caster's products are divided into four main categories including PP caster series, Furniture caster series, Polyurethane caster series and Office caster series. Caster sizes are ranging from 23mm to 101mm.

To ensure we meet client's satsifaction, we offer OEM service. Clients can request special order and create your own specification. Kindly contact us for enquiry.


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